Villa Cavalletti Meraco Cesanese IGT

Grape variety: Cesanese 100%

Color: Dark, ruby red color.

Bouquet: An aromatic palette of violets, black cherries and spices with a touch of black pepper.

Taste: Juicy, black berry fruit is in fine balance with a mouth-watering acidity and a mature alcohol strength.

Food pairings: The glass of Meraco Rosso Cesanese comes to the table with a rich, historical tradition and a unique grape flavor in its baggage that almost begs for a suitable match on the plate. What could be better than Vitello Tonnato – a bold composition of cold, tender veal thinly sliced and served with green, salty capers and tuna sauce. The dish represents classic Italian food culture at its best.

Alcohol: 14.5% vol.

Serving temperature: 16°/18°