Valtellina Superiore DOCG Goccia

Color: Red

Classification: DOCG Valtellina Superiore

Region: Lombardy

Grape varieties: 100% Nebbiolo

Origin Tirano (SO)

Climate Altitude: 450-550 m. a.s.l.

Vinification: To the wine, obtained from Nebbiolo grapes fermented at the beginning of October, in about mid-November the slightly dried grapes of the “murache” (walls) are added to favour the resumption of alcoholic fermentation and the completion of malolactic transformation.

Ageing: Already in December, the wine, strengthened in structure and made more complex and intense, begins aging in oak barrels of 1500 liters and barriques. Aging then continues in the cool of the cellar, regularly monitored, for another 18-20 months, at the end of which the wine goes into the bottle where in another 6 months completes the “√©levage” and perfects the bouquet.

Alcohol content: 13.00% by volume

On the palate, it combines in great harmony the intensity of the structure, created by sapid and enveloping tannins, with the generous fruity-to-state character. Respecting the austerity of the Nebbiolo vine, it expresses the elegance and finesse typical of the alpine viticulture of Valtellina.