Trabucco Rosso Erre DOP

Wine: Falerno del Massico DOC “érre”

Grape: 100% Aglianico

Soil: Clay, sand with lots of volcanic intrusions. Elevation 1,200 feet.

Color: Deep ruby red with violet reflections.

Nose: Ample and intense, it reveals violet flowers and roses, surrounded by plums, cherries, and a delicate scent of cedar wood.

Taste: Joyful, round and refreshing, with good acidity and silky tannins. The finish is long yet not aggressive.

The Falerno wine can be made with either 100% Aglianico or 100% Primitivo, but many producers are also blending those variety with another ancient grape called Piedirosso (literally red-feet).

ÉRRE is one of the two 100% Aglianico version of Falerno del Massico DOC wine that Trabucco makes. In Campania dialect “érre” are the little red ants that are running all over the places, but as a slang, “érre” is given to young, hyper active kids that never stop and they are always looking for troubles!!! Professor Trabucco gave this name to the wine because this is the youngest and most friendly version of Falerno del Massico that he makes. The main characteristic of “Érre” is the drinkability, the softness on the palate and the lighter weight compared to the “Rapicano” version that is more austere and more opulent. In three words: fun, easy, everyday!!!