Mofo the Damn Master Tinta del Toro 6/154552

Winery: Vinitor Wine Group

Grapes: Tinta de toro

Region: Spain / Castilla y León / Toro

Wine style: Spanish Red

Allergens: Contains sulfites

Food Pairings: Beef, Pasta, Veal, Poultry

The savory red wines of Spain are brooding and complex. They are typically a little lighter than a California Cabernet, but richer and fuller than a Pinot Noir.

The most commonly used red grapes in Spain are the lovely Tempranillo grape and the rich Garnacha, but Cabernet Sauvignon is starting to get popular as well.

The main grape in Spain is Tempranillo, which is followed closely by Garnacha. In the past, Spanish reds were known to be worthy of aging for decades and were very expensive because of this. Now that technology is more available, they are making more affordable, fruitier wines.

The most famous red wine in Spain is Rioja and it is made from the Tempranillo grape. Rioja is usually very complex and savory. Another famous wine is Priorat which is made largely from Garnacha and lush with dark fruit, spice, and vanilla.

Sometimes Rioja and Priorat wines can be very pricey due to their long aging, but often those same wineries make much more affordable wines that are aged for less time, but are still delicious!