Celler La Botera Villa Closa Peluda Garnacha 6/170230

Grape: Garnacha Peluda Hand picked

Smell: Aromas of ripe red fruit, blended with spices and toasted notes thanks to the foudre.

Taste: A very flavourful, velvety and balanced wine, with perfect acidity and long aftertaste.

Food Pairing: Beef, Pasta, Lamb, Game (deer, venison), Poultry

While once being the 2nd most planted grape in the world, Grenache’s popularity has faltered. However, its ability to produce delicious wines has not.

Grenache is known for its candied red fruit flavors complemented by dollops of cinnamon and black pepper. The most famous of these comes from Spain’s Priorat.

There was a time when Grenache was the dominant grape in Spain. Now, despite ripping up almost half of the Grenache vineyards, Spain is still producing amazing wines with Grenache. These wines range from affordable everyday wines to lavishly expensive world-class affairs.

These garnet-colored, fruit-forward wines showcase delightful flavors of candied red fruit, cinnamon, and black pepper. The grape ripens late with high sugars, so it often produces wines that are high in alcohol. The more affordable versions are typically lighter and easy-drinking, while the expensive Priorats are rich and opulent and meant for long aging.