Botte 81

The name “BOTTE 81” means “Barrel 81”

81 is the number of the barrel where the first batch of this wine was refined.


Vineyard: Hills of calcareous marine rocks and the alluvial zones of Illasi and Colognola ai Colli

Grapes: Overripe grapes Corvina, Oseleta and Croatina. Corvina is the main grape of Valpolicella wines, Oseleta and Croatina are old indigenous varieties rrecently rediscovered. Overripening process helps to concentrate the sugars, organic acids, mineral salts and flavours.

Ageing: Aged in oak barrels then stored in stainless steel tanks before being put into bottle, where it continues to mature.

Taste: Flavors of stewed fruit and spices, surprisingly harmonious to the palate.

Colour: Intense ruby red.

Bouquet: Harmonious, typical and intense.

Flavour: Notes of violets and almonds.

Alcohol Content: 14.5% Vol.

Serving Suggestions: Ideal paired with red meat and game dishes, whether roast, braised or grilled. It is also perfect with hard cheese.

Serving Temperature: 18° C